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What people have to say about NHC HealthCare, Cookeville

  • "Communication, family support and my mom feels at home. Thank you!"
    Ashley S.
  • "I was so impressed by the competency, the caring, the energy and the compassion of the nurses, CNAs and support staff."
    Neil W.
  • "Physical therapy, occupational therapy and the entire rehab nursing staff were excellent."
    Debbie E.
"To me everything was fine and everyone was so nice and helpful. I couldn't have asked for anything else. Thanks so much!"
Anna B.

"Everything was wonderful. We could not have asked for my better care for our mother, Kasel Dillehay. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and the entire nursing staff on the rehab were excellent. Each time I was there, I felt the warmth and compassion from everyone. I would like to say a very special thank you to everyone involved in Mama's care. May God really bless each of you."
Debbie E. daughter of Kasel D.

"Provide excellent nursing care and outstanding physical therapy."
relative of patient

"The 'caregivers' are a rare group of kids, they are wonderful & do their jobs excellent. Our family is so thankful to them all & what they did for our mother."
relative of patient

"Nurses take time to familiarize and discuss your medications. Maintenance staff (cleaning, laundry, etc) not only do a great job but will help you if can. Some CNA's go above and beyond to meet your needs. Staff strives to find a compatible roommate. Staff's appearance always neat and clean. Food is appealing and tasty. Therapy program is outstanding! They not only meet physical needs, but mental and spiritual as well. Kudos!"
Nanette P.

"The care from both nurses and CNA's is very good. The activities are good. The staff works to fill in the areas where they happen. The people are great."
relative of patient

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